volcano hiking in guatemala

The specialty of the house. All our guides were born in the mountains; before crawling they were already on the trails, climbing and packing their backpacks. If you like to feel the wind in your face, to look at stunning landscapes, to walk between old and lush forests through all kinds of trails, to set up your tent under the starry sky, to enjoy sunrises and colorful sunsets while hearing nothing but the sound of wind and your thoughts (and occasional laughter) and to meet fabulous people then trekking is for you.

At Sin Rumbo we can take you to over 40 summits of medium height (up to 4,222 meters above sea level) from all over Guatemala, some are pretty challenging and some other quite easy, but each of them is special.

The most popular ones include Pacaya volcano, Acatenango volcano, Tajumulco volcano, and Tacaná volcano. Another not so popular tour but definitely worth trying is an advanced trek that takes you through the three iconic volcanoes of Antigua Guatemala.  This is only for advanced hikers.

Here are all of the details for our most requested tours:

Adventure Travel in Guatemala -private tour of acatenango volcano guatemala
The 3rd tallest volcano in Central America.
Adventure Travel in Guatemala - Trilogy Private Tour - The challenge - Guatemala
Guatemala’s toughest mountain challenge.
Adventure Travel in Guatemala - private tour of pacaya volcano guatemala
Guatemala´s most accessible active volcano.
Adventure Travel in Guatemala - private tour to tajumulco volcano guatemala - private tour
The tallest and most scenic volcano in Central America.
Adventure Travel in Guatemala - guided tour to tacana volcano in guatemala private tour
The 2nd tallest volcano in Central America and a good challenge.