Diego Reyes

Diego Reyes - Mountain guide for Sin Rumbo Guatemala

Mountain guide with over 10 years of experience.

“I’m a fanatic of adventure and physical training. I am not afraid of death but of boredom. When I was a kid I wanted to be an international spy but being a mountain guide is pretty cool too.”

Diego began his mountaineering career when he was fourteen. Its first summit was Santo Tomás (3542 meters above sea level) located between the Guatemalan departments of Quetzaltenango and Sololá. From that moment on, he continued to perform various adventure and endurance sports, including triathlon, open water swimming, mountain biking, climbing, diving, caving and mountaineering. With thirteen years of experience as a mountaineer and four as an adventure guide, Diego is fascinated to share his passion with everyone and would like all people to appreciate and help preserve nature.

Diego has participated in 4 international expeditions of mountaineering and has done hundreds of ascents to more than 50 mountains in all Central America. He also has experience in water rescue and mountain rescue. As if that wasn’t enough he is also certified in search and rescue courses, CPR, Terrestrial Navigation and mountaineering techniques.

His favorite mountains so far are: Santiaguito in Guatemala (2550 meters above sea level) and Iztaccihuátl in Mexico (3253 meters above sea level). Diego is also fond of literature and music. Its preferred genres are electronic, metal and baroque.