Daniel Kan

Daniel Carrera - Mountain Guide for Sin Rumbo Guatemala

“I always wanted to be an explorer, and that makes me think I was born too late in history. When I came to the world all continents had been discovered, all forests had been explored and both poles were already conquered. The highest summits had been reached and the most remote islands had already been touched by men. But then I realized that it doesn’t matter, it is not about being the first or the only one, it is about enjoying the ride, the mountains, climbing, the summits, going to sleep with the sound of a waterfall and waking up early to see the sun rise. I found a taste for the earth and what it means to be able to walk thought it.”

Due to is proximity to Guatemala City (where he grew up) his first ascent to a volcano was in the active Pacaya Volcano when he was only 16 years old. From that moment until he was 20 years old he kept ascending volcanoes in Guatemala and practiced some basic climbing. After that he decided to take these sports more seriously.

He believes and practices respecting and caring for nature and everyone around him. Daniel is constantly learning about the necessary techniques to be able to perform mountaineering, trekking and hiking in the most comfortable and fun way without making a huge impact in the surrounding eco systems.

One of his favorite tours to guide is the ones that takes you across Grutas de Caxlampon. The silence of these caves and the soft flow of the river that goes through them made him realize that adventures are better when shared with friends (present or future). Sierra de las Minas is in a close second place with its relaxed environment, abundant rivers and different eco systems.