The Top 3 Highest Mountains in Central America

Highest Mountains in Central America

By geological luck in Guatemala we were fortunate to have the 3 highest mountains in the region. for all of us adventurers who love mountaineering this was a great thing. It allows us to enjoy the adventure, the sights and […]

The Legendary Mayan City of Tikal

This is video takes you on a journey of 10 minutes will give you a view of the legendary city of Tikal Guatemala. Along the way you will discover with surprise that in its heyday this region was inhabited by […]

Guatemala Heart of the Mayan World – Documentary

guatemala corazon del mundo maya documental

The documentary Guatemala Corazón del Mundo Maya shows us the wonderful riches of nature and culture of Guatemala. When you watch it you get a tour of its jungles, forests, volcanoes, beaches, ancient Mayan cities, towns and above all people: […]