Brands That Trust Us

At Sin Rumbo we work hard to offer you a better service and lots of benefits. That’s why we have reached out to a lot o companies. There are a few that have decided to support us. Here are some of them:

Sports City


We are thrilled to announce  to all of our friends about our recent alliance with Sport City. Shortly all of our clients will be able to enjoy a discount of 10% through their Xclusive cards. Also, all of Sport City’s clients will be able to enjoy a discount in all of our public trips. Keep you eyes open for more details about this.


We would also like to mention other companies that have allowed us to create unique experiences and tours for their workers through our work teams service. Some of them are:

Tigo Guatemala
Thany you TIGO Guatemala for allowing us to organize events for their workers. The most recent one was a one day trip to Pacaya Volcano with 200 members of their sales team. You can see the video of the event here.

ADOC guatemala
We would also like to thank Tiendas ADOC for allowing us to perform an indoor wall climbing event, that lasted three days, for some of their workers.


Would you like to be a part of this team? Sent and email to so we can start offering your services to all of our clients.