Volcano Hiking in Guatemala Our Best Tips and Recommendations

Volcano Hiking in Guatemala

Are you thinking about hiking one of the 37 official volcanoes in Guatemala and aren’t sure about what to bring with you? Then this is going to be extremely useful to you, especially if you don’t have much hiking experience.

Your personal list of things that you will need and what works for you is the result of a lot of trial and error. But you can avoid getting into trouble and awkward moments if you have the basic equipment and a good guide.

Our team of guides has been in countless ascents to Guatemalan volcanoes and many mountains all over the world. So we decided to put together some of the best tips and tricks that they were able to gather throughout the years. Here is a list of what has worked for them and what to avoid in your next volcano hiking tour in Guatemala.

Also, note that these tips and packing lists work for most of Central America. The climate tends to be very similar.

Standard Packing List

These are the basics that we always recommend people to bring when they travel with us:

One Day Hike
– 2lts of water and/or gatorade
– Warm clothing (temperatures might drop all the way down to 0°C)
– Abundant meals
– Snacks
– Boots or sport shoes (not new ones)
– Warm clothes for protecting yourself in case it gets cold
– Headlamp and lantern – Even if it is a day tour
– Backpack
– Water resistant jacket (even during the dry season)

Overnight – Camping Tour
– 4 o 5lts of water and/or gatorade
– Warm clothing (temperatures might drop all the way down to 0°C)
– Abundant meals
– Snacks
– Boots or sport shoes (not new ones)
– 2 sets of clothes (one in case you get wet and one for sleeping)
– Headlamp and lantern
– 3 season tent
– Sleeping bag
– Large backpack

Tips and Recommedations

DON’T wear cotton or dennim clothes, these are materials that absorb moisture from the ambience so you will en up we even if it isn’t raining. They also take a lot of time to dry. You don’t want to be wearing wet clothes when the temperatures are below 0°C.
DON’T bring the kind of lanterns that are carried on your hand. You need your hands-free at all times.
DON’T use headphones during the hike. you need to be focused on your trail and to be able to listen to instructions or warnings.
NO alcoholic drinks. Contrary to popular belief, they don’t make you warmer. They actually put you at risk or suffering hypothermia.
Carry loads of extra batteries.
Always wear hiking boots or trail running shoes Don’t bring training shoes with flat soles.
If you want to camp bring a 3 season tent. The ones usually used at the beach break, leak water and don’t keep warmth, making them dangerous.
Your sleeping bag ust be at least goof dor -7C°.

If you know someone who might benefit from these tips please share this information. Volcanoes and Mountains in Guatemala are realatively safe if you have the right equipment with you and a propper guide.

If you have any questions don’t be shy, ask us. We will be glad to help even if you aren´t planning to travel with us.

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