Tajumulco Volcano Hike and Camp

Tajumulco Volcano Tour guatemala

With its 4220 msnm, Tajumulco is the highest summit in Central America and the Caribbean. Despite its altitude, this one is an easy hike compared to other near mountains; suitable for everyone with an average physical condition. According to local […]

Lacandon & Chicabal Volcanoes and Lagoon

viaje a los volcanes lacandon y chicabal guatemala

During this trip, we will reach the summit of two of the volcanoes from the Occidental area of the country. The first one is called LAcandon and is 2,748 msnm tall. It is home to a dense and humid subtropical […]

Extreme Caving in Caxlampon Cave

Extreme caving - caxlampon cave private tour Guatemala

Forget about the traditional cave experience that you get in places like Lanquin. This is an adventure unlike any other that you have experienced. Have you ever wondered what a mountain looks like from the inside? You get to discover […]

Atitlan Volcano Night Hike

Atitlan Volcano night hike in guatemala tour

We will venture toward the summit of Atitlán Volcano, one of the most difficult around Atitlán Lake. This is quite a challenge but provides amazing rewards once you reach the top. Climate permitting, the sunrise from here is stunning. Atitlán […]