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enero 26, 20170

By geological luck in Guatemala we were fortunate to have the 3 highest mountains in the region. for all of us adventurers who love mountaineering this was a great thing. It allows us to enjoy the adventure, the sights and all the experiences that a mountain or volcano can provide. Whether you are an athlete or simply want to do some challenging eco- tourism in the middle of gorgeous forests; Guatemala has the right thing for you, including the highest peaks of the isthmus.

The Highest Mountains in Central America

3. Acatenango Volcano (3974 msnm)

One of the favorites for everyone in the country. Almost every local mountaineer who has ever reached its summit will tell you that it is among its top 5. Perhaps because the forest so beautiful and so well kept, or maybe because if the famous hollow tree from where you get a look of all the plantations below and nearby villages; but most likely because of the eruptions of its neighbor Fire Volcano and breathtaking views that can be seen from the summit. Acatenango is everything you could expect from a volcano, six hours of challenging trails that take you through amazing scenarios. Once you reach the summit and see the views you won’t even remember why you were so tired.

Highest Mountains in Central America - Acatenango Guatemala

2. Tacaná Volcano (4090 msnm)

Tacaná is one of those volcanoes which trails seem to go on eternally the first time that you visit it. . But once you get to the campground all of the suffering and weariness is instantly forgotten; forest , flowers and rock formations create a space that allows the tents to fit in perfectly. As if someone designed it specially for campers. The interesting thing is that Tacaná is right on the border with Mexico; both countries share the summit. From it, on a clear day, you can perfectly see its neighbor and number one on this list: Tajamulco.

Highest Mountains in Central America - Tacana Guatemala

1. Tajumulco Volcano (4220 msnm)

Higher does not necessarily mean more difficult. That is exactly the case with Tajamulco, The trails that take you to the summit are much easier than the ones from the previous two volcanoes. The camping grounds are within the forest. It is quite large and pleasant with good weather and provides protection on windy or rainy days. The sunset can be seen on a nearby point, a false summit called Concepcion, which is located just twenty minutes from the camp. To reach the summit, you have to continue walking for forty -five minutes along a path that is anything but boring. The sunrise from the summit will take your breath away. With good weather you can see even the Pacific Coast.

Highest Mountains in Central America - Tajumulco Guatemala

All mountains, hills and volcanoes are worth the hike; each ascent is an entirely different experience; however when we reach the highest peaks usually we feel an extra bonus. Mountaineering is definitely a lifestyle that is worth the effort.

We offer group tours to all of these volcanoes at least once every year. Bue we will be glad to organize a private one for you an your friends. For more information send an email to [email protected]

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