Mountain Yoga

If you love practicing yoga and nature and are looking for a good challenge you have come to the right place.

This kind of tours combine the favorite activities of most adventurers: hiking along gorgeous trails in Guatemala, a night camping under the stars and a relaxing morning yoga practice at the shore of some lagoon or summit of the country.

So get your yoga mat ready and allow us to organize a private yoga tour where you get to experience the best of Guatemala. We have options for all fitness levels.

If you have never been on a mountain or volcano hike, or want an easy hike we recommend you choose the following:

  • Volcán Chicabal
  • Volcán y Laguna Ipala
  • Laguna Lachua
  • Hun nal ye
  • Catarata Los Amates
  • Yaxha
  • Laguna Magdalena
  • Laguna Brava
  • Laguna Ayarza

If you practice some sport of visit the gym often you might enjoy these volcanoes:

  • Volcán Acatenango
  • Volcán Santa María
  • Volcán Santo Tomas
  • Volcán Tajumulco
  • Volcán San Pedro

These two option are for all of those adventurers looking for a good challenge:

  • Volcán Tacaná
  • Volcán Atitlán