Extreme Caving

Extreme caving - caxlampon cave private tour Guatemala

Forget about the traditional cave experience that you get in places like Lanquin. This is an adventure unlike any other that you have experienced.

Have you ever wondered what a mountain looks like from the inside? You get to discover that in this tour.

For about 8 hours you will be walking inside of a huge cave that was formed by a river that still runs through it. you will have no other lighting than the one from your headlamp. The challenge is to go across the mountain from under the ground doing whatever you need to do. There will be walking, swimming rappelling, jumping on waterfalls, doing some climbing, all of this in the dark.

When you finally finish this crazy adventure and leave the cave there will be a waterfall with naturally heated hot springs waiting for you.

Are you brave enough?


Overview Itinerary Price
Whats Included What to Bring Tips & Advice


* Difficulty: Mediun / High – You will spend at least 8 hours underground.
* When: January to March.
* Group Size: Minimum 2 people / 30 Max.
* Will there be, more people in my group? No, this is a private tour.
* Is it good for kids? We accept kids 15 years old and up for this trip.

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More info comming soon!

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Price is per person
– $300

If your group has 5 people or more ask for our discounted prices


– Backpack $5 each
– Headlamp $5 each
– Local carrier 25lb $20 each
– Sleeping bag $5 each
– Lunch Box $10 each
– Space at a tent $15 per person

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The prices above mentioned include:
– Experienced guide/s – The amount of guides depends on the size of the group.
– Transport to and from your hotel in Antigua Guatemala or Guatemala City.
– Camping fee.
– Fee for bathing at El Paraiso waterfall.
– Helmet, life jacket, harness.
– 2 breakfasts, 1 Diner.

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– 2lts of water and/or gatorade
– Large backpack for all of your stuff
– Small 30L backpack for the cave
– 2 sets of Light and fresh clothing
– Food for the cave (1 lunch and snacks)
– Boots or sports shoes (not new ones – the soles should be rugged)
– Fresh clothes for sleeping (the weather is extremely hot and humid here)
– Headlamp with extra batteries
– Tent
– Sleeping bag
– Sunscreen and bug repellent

NOTE: You can bring a bag with as much clothes and accessories as you want since the camping area is only 200m away from where the bus leaves us.

Don’t Bring

– Alcoholic drinks
– Jewelry
– Firearms

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– Pack everything inside of dry bags or plastic bags in case it rains.
– Try not to wear clothes made out of cotton. Polyester is better.
– Don’t consume alcoholic beverages 24 hours before the tour. You don’t want to be dehydrated before you start.
– Don’t bring any jewels or valuables.
– No guns.
– Let’s try to not contaminate – Carry back down all of the trash you produce.
– Guatemala might be considered a tropical country but it can be really cold up there. Don’t underestimate our warnings regarding the warm clothes.
– If you choose not to do the tour with us please hire some other guide. We don’t want anyone to get lost.

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